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Wireless Platform

Have you ever wondered why athlete's monitor heart rate when they exercise, but not body temperature? It's because they couldn't until now.

Heart rate is a vital sign of health. But so is body temperature. Why aren't there any body temperature monitoring solutions for sports?

Millions of athletes use heart rate monitors to keep track of their heart rate and exertion. The data is captured from a sensor strapped to their chest or wrist and transmitted to a watch. An athlete can upload their heart rate data to a computer or send the data in real time to a smart phone.

Temperature-sensing and wireless data transmission are the next steps toward enhancing training and performance.

Wireless Platform

The Wireless Platform includes HCP's temperature sensing technology and adds wireless communication of athletes' temperature data to a smart phone or computer.

In HCP's solution, a wireless Smart Mouth Guardâ„¢ uploads an athlete's temperature data to a computer after a training session to track their heat profile over time and training regimes. The mouth guard also instantly sends the data to a coach, trainer, or parent on the sideline.

In the case of a team, each player's Smart Mouth Guardâ„¢ transmits their temperature data in real time to a coach with a smart phone and a HCP App. The HCP App shows all the players in a list. The players with the highest temperature are placed on the top of the list. Each player also has a trend indicator — up or down — to help the coach identify which athletes may need some additional attention.

HCP Ecosystem

wireless platform graphic of the smart mouth guard technology

Players' data is collected with the Smart Mouth GuardsTM and is communicated in real time to a smart device. Parents, coaches, trainers or supervisors viewing this data on the smart device can then track the players' temperature trends. The data can also be sent to the HCP service for additional analysis, aggregation, and syndication.