humancentric performance technology


In sports when you're "hot," a lot of good things can happen. We've seen this many times over the years with athletes like Peyton Manning and Kobe Bryant.

In sports when you're "hot" a lot of bad things can happen too. The bad things relate to increases in body temperature. The effects can range from mild decreases in performance, to serious illness, and even death.

HCP's patent protected solutions combine two trusted and proven technologies to help beat the heat:

  • Mouth guards worn by millions of athletes
  • Digital oral thermometers used by virtually every family, nurse, and physician

When combined, these technologies enable entirely new solutions that monitor oral temperature in during sports and other physical activities.

Smart Mouth Guards™

HCP's Smart Mouth Guards™ are the first of their kind. They are compatible with sports, military personnel, first responders, and other activities.
HCP's solutions are non-invasive and digital. They also benefit from the 20 years of consumer trust with digital thermometers and mouth guards. Together, these technologies create the necessary economies of scale structures to provide solutions that meet the needs of youth sports as well as the requirements of the highest levels of athletic competition.

What makes HCP's solutions smart?

Our integrated mouth guard technologies provide real-time information to coaches, trainers, parents, and athletes about changes in body temperature that effect performance and well-being.

HCP is actively licensing our technology to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners who will integrate our technology into their propriety products and sell the finished goods through their normal channels.

HCP Is A technology company.

HCP develops technologies and solutions to help athletes and others manage their performance and protection by tracking temperature trends. We license our solutions to our OEM partners and work collaboratively to integrate HCP's technology into their proprietary mouth guard designs.

exploded view of humancentric performance smart mouth guard

Exploded view of HumanCentric Performance's Smart Mouth GuardTM