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We have all felt the effects of heat on a hot day.

Your work rate slows down, you are less motivated, and your performance decreases and you have to work harder. But how do you know if you are "hot" due to the ambient temperature or it you're hot because your temperature is rising and you are at risk of Heat Illness or worse?

Heat illness is a well-documented concern for athletes and others who compete and work environments that are hot. More importantly, experts indicate that heat illness is entirely preventable with proper training and management of the risks.

PBS Frontline

A PBS Frontline documentary called "Football High", which aired on April 11, 2011, exposes the dangers of heatstroke on high school football teams. This documentary looks at the increasing performance expectations on high school athletes to perform. It spotlights two athletes from the same town who suffered from heat stroke and had very different outcomes.

Watch the full episode.