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2011 Heat Illness Incidences In Recent News

Yahoo! Sports/ August 10, 2011 — Football Player Death in Arkansas

Heat suspected in the death. Gurdon School District Superintendent, Allen Blackwell, was quoted "Obviously he (the player) was hot because of practice." Blackwell also noted that "The coaches have gone through all the new trainings…".

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CNN August 5, 2011 — 2 HS Athletes, 1 HS Coach, & 1 Endurance Runner Deaths

Two Texas HS football players died in Georgia. One coach died in Texas. One 28 year old runner in Kansas City Missouri died due to heatstroke. Also included the name of the Missouri State High School Activities Association – Jason West, Communications Director. Article also indicates that the marching bands have similar requirements in heat for Missouri.

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New York Times August 4, 2011 — Japanese professional soccer player (34) dies and heat suspected as contributory element

Matsumoto Yamaga died during training in mountain region northwest of Tokyo. Teammates and the medical staff of who tried to save him suspected heatstroke because extreme high temperatures have claimed 43 lives in Japan in the past 2 months.

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Atlanta Journal Constitution August 3, 2011 — Death of Two High School Football Players Due To Heat In Atlanta

Quote from father of Forest Jones, 16, (Glenn Jones):

"I just want to get a message to all these kids out there," said Forest's grieving father, "that your body tells you when it needs to rest. Listen to your body, tell your coaches, tell your parents."

Quotes from Georgia High School Association (GHSA) Representative:

"[Our heat policy] does not address voluntary football workouts over the summer, although we do encourage that schools do this," GHSA executive director Ralph Swearngin said. "In fact, it is my understanding that Locust Grove High School takes a wet-bulb reading before every one of the voluntary workouts over the summer, including the one where the young man went down."

"It's tragic and it's sad," Swearngin said. "When we try to find a solution to a problem like this, we get a little confused or we don't know exactly what to do. There so many different factors when dealing with this type of situation. There are thousands of kids under the same conditions and nothing happens to them.

"It's tragic and bad, but we really can't take strong measures when it doesn't affect everybody. So many times when a tragedy like this occurs, so many people want an immediate stop to all activities. And what keeps us from doing that is so many kids under the very same conditions have no negative effects."

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WRAL August 1, 2011 — Fort Bragg Sgt Heat Related Death

Reported death of 82nd Airborne division Sgt. died of complications related to heat injury.

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Huffington Post & Smithtown Radio — July 22, 2011 — West Point Plebe Heat Related Death

US Military Academy at West Point plebe (first year student) died and some suspect heat related illness.

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ABC News July 21, 2011 — 22 Heat Related Deaths

ABC News reported 22 deaths due to extreme heat and the effects of body temperature. Hospitals saw significant increase of heat illness patients in hospitals in across the US. Two examples cited were Wichita Kansas 25 cases and Des Moines Iowa saw 16.

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Associated Press & — June 7, 2011 — Fort Brag Sgt Heat Related Death

Heat exhaustion strikes troops on Fort Bragg run. One soldier in intensive card due to heat-related injury and 10 others sent to the hospital. Five hundred of the 3,000 (17%) were unable to finish the 10-kilometer run. The morning run weather was 78 degrees and humidity of 80%. The pace of the run was targeted to be 8.5 mph.

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