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When the temperature and humidity rises, you feel less motivated to perform. But what is going on inside your body when it is hot?

Athletes and researchers are discovering that increases in body temperature can decrease athletic performance. The discovery marks a need for the monitoring of heat data in order to establish a threshold for athletes' ability and endurance under harsh weather conditions.

Team Radio Shack

In this series, Lance Armstrong and Team RadioShack Sports Physiologist Allen Lim track pro cyclists' body temperature with the help of a wireless core temperature pill. Armstrong ingested the pill before his race and Dr. Lim monitored the pill's feedback.

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Dr. Lim assists Armstrong with a thermometer pill as they discuss the importance of managing body temperature for performance.

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Lance Armstrong's first Core Temp reading after 50 miles.

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Lance Armstrong's second Core Temp data after 75 miles.

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Lance Armstrong's results after day two of training with Core Temp data. Dr. Lim discussed the results of two day training rides and the general strategy of the team going forward to monitor core body temperature to ensure optimal performance.