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Base Platform

How are you doing? Are you feeling hot?

These are questions directed to athletes on the field. They will give you an answer, but do you trust their response? Do they really know how they are doing? Are they willing to admit that that are feeling ill? What does "feeling hot" mean to particular player?

Parents, coaches, trainers, and supervisors currently monitor body temperature based on their observations of an individual's behavior and their actions. Until the introduction of HCP Smart Mouth Guards™, there have been no other cost effective, mass-market solutions providing temperature trends in athletes and others.

HCP Base Platform

The Base Platform is an easy to use, cost-effective, stand-alone digital module integrated into standard athletic mouth guards. The mouth guards are enabled with the Base Platform module, which monitors oral temperature, calculates increasing or decreasing temperature trends, and then displays the trend data using a Light Emitting Diode (LED) display. The LED display includes bright green, yellow, and red lights indicating the temperature state of the athlete.

For example, if the athlete is in the "normal" temperature zone, the LED display will show a single green light. If the athlete is increasing from the "normal" zone to the "warning" zone the LED display will consist of a green then yellow lighting sequence. If the athlete's temperature continues to increase, the display will show yellow then red. As the athlete cools back down, the light sequence will reverse.

This product is ideal for individuals who want to observe the general trends in their heat profile during a practice, game, or other high exertion activity. This product is useful for sports such as football, field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and golf.

rendering of the smart mouth guard

Rendering of HumanCentric Performance's Smart Mouth GuardTM